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A Hymn for the Shortest Day

In Hymns on June 21, 2010 at 10:12 am

Blow, Holy Spirit, blow
Deep in the winter’s heart.
Let us your people know
Hidden creation’s art
Of tending life and shelt’ring light,
Denying neither death nor night.

Blow now, refreshing breeze,
Scatter the lifeless dust.
Dance in the barren trees,
Startle with sudden gust.
As light on an uplifted face,
Caress with unexpected grace.

Blow with the cleansing rain,
Water a barren land.
Pardon where once was pain,
Rivulets in the sand.
Baptismal waters soak the seed,
As mercy touches human need.

Blow in the icy gale,
Cold as the frozen dawn.
Brittle and all-too frail
Frost-footprints on the lawn:
While called to struggle and to strive,
God’s people feel they are alive!

Blow with the snow that stings,
Shape with the child who plays
Relishing winter’s things,
Light amidst darkest days.
O Holy Spirit, guide and greet
Your people where our seasons meet.


Tune: Little Cornard


Colossians 3 Easter Hymn

In Hymns, Uncategorized on April 20, 2010 at 9:43 pm

Tune:  Bethany

If you have been risen with Christ
seek the things above;
not entombed upon the earth,
throned with him who in rebirth
conquers over death in love.

Set your mind on heaven’s hopes,
freed from narrow sight;
we in Christ have also died,
held no more by greed and pride,
hidden within God’s new life.

When the Lord will be revealed,
there will be our life;
in his glory is our own,
there as God’s incarnate throne
we live in the Risen Christ!

Colossians Christ Hymn

In Hymns on April 16, 2010 at 10:30 am



Image of the only God
beyond human sight and word;
glimpse of God invisible,
firstborn of all that exists.
For in him in heav’n and earth
all things came to be, they were,
things we see and things unseen,
thrones, dominions, rulers, pow’rs.
All things came to be through him,
all things came to be for him.
Before all things he is, and
in him all things hold as one.
Head of body, of the Church;
who in the beginning was,
firstborn one raised from the dead,
so that he should here be first.
For in him the fullness dwelt,
all of God was pleased to tent,
and through him to reconcile
to God all things, was God’s will –
– whether on earth or in heav’n,
by the peace made through his blood;
Christ, who took the Cross claims all.
Raised from death, to die no more!

A Hymn for the Summer

In Hymns on February 4, 2010 at 12:45 am

Tune: Hawea Rising

Creation sings a canticle of praise;
With dawn erupts a symphony to greet the sun’s first rays;
And creatures both celestial and here on God’s good earth
Re-sound the glory of the Word that called us into birth.

Cicadas set the gentle trees abuzz,
Who whisper in the wind of God who is and all God does;
While birds awake the world with songs of beauty, and proclaim
Faint echoes in their music of the Name behind all names.

The water flashes silver in delight,
A bow of colour arcs from heav’n to earth, just out of sight.
The cattle on the hillside bellow, trumpeting the King,
And I in humble fashion join this psalm of every thing.

O Jesus of the Poor

In Hymns on December 15, 2009 at 6:40 am

O Jesus of the poor,
you took our poverty to make all rich,
sin and suffering wore,
our naked need to fill.
O Lord Jesus Christ
of the empty hands.
Just this do you ask me for:
to live your justice’s will.

O Jesus of the weak.
Hands of the healer stretched and scarred and bruised,
which rebuked the sleek
and summoned the unseen.
O Lord Jesus Christ,
light come to the blind.
Give me sight and strength to seek
the suffering you redeem.

O Jesus of the pained,
holding your children when they turn away.
Comfort unconstrained
by fear of your embrace.
O Lord Jesus Christ,
garland for my ash.
Your touch: paradise regained;
forgiveness in your face.

O Jesus of the lost,
knowing us in complete abandonment,
desolation’s cost,
to carry exiles home.
O Lord Jesus Christ,
dawn when darkness reigns.
Whose feet death’s deep river crossed
to make me fully known.

O Victor over death,
limbs that were wounded now proclaim your power!
Hands that breaking, blessed,
now hold love’s deathless joy!
O Lord Jesus Christ,
sun of this poor soul:
in you may I live and rest
in endless love’s employ!

Advent is coming…

In Hymns on November 15, 2009 at 10:16 pm

1.  Come among us, come: Advent hope, Advent glory;
Promise of fulfilment that summer heralds here.
What will be awakened amidst such expectation?
What will be the whisper warm upon the sunlit air?
Come Emmanuel, come to save us.

2.  Coming to restore human hope, human wholeness;
Binding up our broken and setting captives free.
How are we to ready the earth for such a wonder?
How to open ears and eyes to let the blinded see?
Come Emmanuel, come to save us.

3.  Coming to cast out all revenge, all injustice;
Judgement is alone his who comes on cloud and air.
Why then should we fear coming reconciliation?
Why must we resist the Prince of Peace as he comes near?
Come Emmanuel, come to save us.

4.  Coming to transform every power, every hunger:
Mountain meets with valley, our weeping turns to song.
Where shall we uncover the coming of this Kingdom?
Where may we discover all those things for which we long?
Come Emmanuel, come to save us.

5.  Coming to a world under stress, under starlight,
Coming to be born where we do not think to look.
When the earth is sleeping, or caught up in consuming,
Then may the foundations of a busy world be shook!
Come Emmanuel, come to save us.

Metrical setting of the Benedictus

In Hymns on November 3, 2009 at 1:57 am

The Benedictus
(Luke 1:68-79)
One of the great canticles of the Church, and used particularly during Advent.

Suggested tune:  Gonfalon Royal

The God of Israel, blessèd be,
Who comes to set this people free.
Who raises up with mighty sign
A Saviour born of David’s line.

Through holy prophets promised long,
Salvation comes to conquer wrong.
Old enmities are overthrown
As God in mercy calls us home.

In holy covenant God swore
To Abraham, our ancestor,
That we from fear and falsehood raised
Might walk before God all our days.

And you, my child, are called this day,
A prophet to prepare the way,
To speak salvation, and to bring
God’s wayward people to their King.

In tender mercy, God of love
The dawn is breaking from above,
To shine on those in death and dark,
To guide our feet in peace’s path.

Hymn for Labour Weekend

In Hymns on October 25, 2009 at 10:43 pm

Hymn for Labour Weekend

Celebrate the workers’ witness,
Sing of labourers on the land;
Hands and minds that meet in making,
God’s creative work expand.

God who rested on the Sabbath,
Modelling balance, peace and play;
In our re-creation bless us,
While we sleep, relax and pray.

Through our forebears’ perseverance
In reclaiming days of rest,
For the families still in struggle
God of justice, aid our quest.

Yours is every power, production,
Yours is every work worthwhile,
God, in you human endeavour
Seeks to share and rest awhile.

Arts Festival hymn

In Hymns on October 19, 2009 at 10:19 am

For a festival of the arts


Behold the breathe of life!
The spark of co-creative wonder
when we are drawn near to God
in music, word and art.
Imagine into meaning
the gift of human being.
In godly creativity
you touch our very heart.

The music of the spheres!
Each atom in us ringing with an
energy that must proclaim
the wonder of our birth.
With instruments and voices
this dancing world rejoices,
in graceful sympathetic sweep
resounds the very earth.

O Architect of time!
Whose flowing cosmic cloth enfolds us,
fashioned from the heart of stars,
exquisite in design.
You shape imagination;
we re-cast your creation
in sculpture, beauty, structure, space,
our dwelling to define.

The rainbowed rill of light!
Where line and form and shadow speak of
beauty and beholder’s joy
in visual art’s array.
With colour, stark or tender,
to source and subject render
new insight, as the viewer joins
the dialogued display.

O drama-dressed Divine!
In story and in symbol-play you
speak upon our lilting lives
the poetry of grace.
In prose and meditation;
with sudden syncopation;
we hear an echo of ourselves
behind another’s face.

The soaring arc of space!
An infinite expanse glimpsed in each
sub-atomic subtlety
of all our God has wrought.
In artist and in teacher,
in researcher and preacher,
we long in our creative gifts
to seek as we are sought.