A Hymn for the Shortest Day

In Hymns on June 21, 2010 at 10:12 am

Blow, Holy Spirit, blow
Deep in the winter’s heart.
Let us your people know
Hidden creation’s art
Of tending life and shelt’ring light,
Denying neither death nor night.

Blow now, refreshing breeze,
Scatter the lifeless dust.
Dance in the barren trees,
Startle with sudden gust.
As light on an uplifted face,
Caress with unexpected grace.

Blow with the cleansing rain,
Water a barren land.
Pardon where once was pain,
Rivulets in the sand.
Baptismal waters soak the seed,
As mercy touches human need.

Blow in the icy gale,
Cold as the frozen dawn.
Brittle and all-too frail
Frost-footprints on the lawn:
While called to struggle and to strive,
God’s people feel they are alive!

Blow with the snow that stings,
Shape with the child who plays
Relishing winter’s things,
Light amidst darkest days.
O Holy Spirit, guide and greet
Your people where our seasons meet.


Tune: Little Cornard


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