A Hymn for the Summer

In Hymns on February 4, 2010 at 12:45 am

Tune: Hawea Rising

Creation sings a canticle of praise;
With dawn erupts a symphony to greet the sun’s first rays;
And creatures both celestial and here on God’s good earth
Re-sound the glory of the Word that called us into birth.

Cicadas set the gentle trees abuzz,
Who whisper in the wind of God who is and all God does;
While birds awake the world with songs of beauty, and proclaim
Faint echoes in their music of the Name behind all names.

The water flashes silver in delight,
A bow of colour arcs from heav’n to earth, just out of sight.
The cattle on the hillside bellow, trumpeting the King,
And I in humble fashion join this psalm of every thing.


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