Hymn for Epiphany

In Uncategorized on January 6, 2010 at 11:50 pm


What starlight lies here? What pilgrim of ages
traverses the cosmos to guide and to glimpse
a greater light rising,
salvation surprising
a darkened world waiting to see peace’s Prince?

What wisdom comes near? What mystical sages
bear knowledge from far-off to greet the new king?
The heavens’ foundation
is found in creation:
the Word shares our substance, true wisdom to bring.

What gifts do we bear? What wealth and what wages
are brought, paradoxic, to poverty’s cot?
Of gold’s regal glory,
of frankincense holy,
of myrrh and the cost of Redeeming our lot?

What evil and fear, what scheming and rages
lie strewn in the wake of these innocents’ quest?
Perversion of power
holds sway this dark hour,
but Righteousness born in our midst shall not rest.

What love will appear? What awe will amaze us,
when we bow in wonder; when idol kings fall?
The child of this story
shall show his true glory
proclaimed from a cross when Love, conq’ring, claims all!


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