Metrical setting of the Benedictus

In Hymns on November 3, 2009 at 1:57 am

The Benedictus
(Luke 1:68-79)
One of the great canticles of the Church, and used particularly during Advent.

Suggested tune:  Gonfalon Royal

The God of Israel, blessèd be,
Who comes to set this people free.
Who raises up with mighty sign
A Saviour born of David’s line.

Through holy prophets promised long,
Salvation comes to conquer wrong.
Old enmities are overthrown
As God in mercy calls us home.

In holy covenant God swore
To Abraham, our ancestor,
That we from fear and falsehood raised
Might walk before God all our days.

And you, my child, are called this day,
A prophet to prepare the way,
To speak salvation, and to bring
God’s wayward people to their King.

In tender mercy, God of love
The dawn is breaking from above,
To shine on those in death and dark,
To guide our feet in peace’s path.

  1. Dear Revd Hurd,

    I’m looking for a metrical setting of the Benedictus to use next Sunday — what is the copyright status of this one? May I use it?

    With best wishes,


    • I have just discovered this setting and am wishing to use it in the context of anglican congregational worship so may I repeat the question above and enquire as to its copyright status. I have looked for information about the author of this site but don’t seem to have found anything. I would be very grateful for your help.
      every blessing,

      • Bless you Duncan, and your ministry.

        I don’t really believe in copyright when it comes to things ecclesiastical. Freely given and all that. As long as it’s non-commercial published use (e.g. parochial) please help yourself! And share freely, by all means.

        Fr Tim.

  2. Now in annual use in the Parish of Dartmouth, UK. Thank you, Fr.

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