Arts Festival hymn

In Hymns on October 19, 2009 at 10:19 am

For a festival of the arts


Behold the breathe of life!
The spark of co-creative wonder
when we are drawn near to God
in music, word and art.
Imagine into meaning
the gift of human being.
In godly creativity
you touch our very heart.

The music of the spheres!
Each atom in us ringing with an
energy that must proclaim
the wonder of our birth.
With instruments and voices
this dancing world rejoices,
in graceful sympathetic sweep
resounds the very earth.

O Architect of time!
Whose flowing cosmic cloth enfolds us,
fashioned from the heart of stars,
exquisite in design.
You shape imagination;
we re-cast your creation
in sculpture, beauty, structure, space,
our dwelling to define.

The rainbowed rill of light!
Where line and form and shadow speak of
beauty and beholder’s joy
in visual art’s array.
With colour, stark or tender,
to source and subject render
new insight, as the viewer joins
the dialogued display.

O drama-dressed Divine!
In story and in symbol-play you
speak upon our lilting lives
the poetry of grace.
In prose and meditation;
with sudden syncopation;
we hear an echo of ourselves
behind another’s face.

The soaring arc of space!
An infinite expanse glimpsed in each
sub-atomic subtlety
of all our God has wrought.
In artist and in teacher,
in researcher and preacher,
we long in our creative gifts
to seek as we are sought.



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